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It feels better.

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"I am the T" a global documentary about Transmen — Kickstarter


Four years ago today, The Director of this project, Tony Zosherafatain, had the idea to create a documentary about transmen around the world. Today, we are taking the step to make this dream a reality. We have transmen from a variety of countries, including, Canada, South Africa, England, Denmark, Iran, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Australia ready to share their stories. Our goal is to humanize transmen through this film and to increase our visibility. Non-trans people will gain knowledge about what it means to be transman globally; our struggles, our hopes, and ultimately our triumphs as human beings. The quicker we raise enough money, the sooner we can go into production. Please share this fundraiser link widely. Send it to your friends, family, your grandmother, your grandmother’s friends at bingo, etc. Any donation is appreciated. Thank you! - Aiden, Videographer



Good news!

My wallet arrived today, good stuff. My IDs and stuff are all still in it.

Bad news.

They took the cash and…my birth certificate?


Reasons why October is the best month:

  • Cold but dry weather 
  • Everything is pretty colours
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Pumpkin coffee
  • Everything being made to look spooky
  • Horror movies on TV all the time
  • Halloween
  • Jumper weather
  • Dressing up as scary things
  • Hot drinks
  • Lots of sweets

The smell of dying leaves

What the Whole Trans Debate Basically Is Anymore


  • Selfies
  • "You’re ugly LMAO."
  • "Invent more genders to piss off the truscum."
  • Yet another version of “gendervague” arises
  • Truscum infighting
  • Someone occasionally switches sides
  • Repeat

Hello! Do you have any auxiliary pronouns? Thats the commonly known ones like he, she, they, and it. Some people who have learning disabilities find it very hard or impossible to learn and use neopronouns, and so its pretty ableist not to have some that they can use.




Yes, there’s ss/sss/ssself

the circle completes



Alright, that seems resolved, Plop has his mouse (and gave me a tickly kiss suddenly? I swear I thought he was about to bite the shit out of me but he just booped my hand with his snoot and gave a tickly kiss), and dog is curled up on my chest.

Goooood night

Do you have any receipts of proof of truscum killing kids or causing death? just curious



It almost killed me.

Truscum causes kids to kill themselves because they don’t know who or what they are and the fact that truscum enforce stereotypes that are harmful to trans folks and that always ends in violence.

Furthermore, even if it hasn’t killed anyone yet, why would anyone stand around waiting for it to happen?

We know that the words of transphobic cis individuals can and has caused the deaths of transgender youths, and much of what they say is said by truscum.

With this in mind, is it not logical to assume that if the truscum are allowed to continue with their actions, it shall lead to death, if it has not already?

Those dearest to me who are trans (in one form or another) may not have killed themselves yet, but they have been harassed by truscum.

And they have had thoughts of suicide- some have may even attempted or almost attempted it.

Who’s to say that it wasn’t due to the words of truscum?

Perhaps later I will have a list of URLS from people who have lost anyone close to them because of truscum, but I do not have that right now.

But honestly, I’d rather not have that.

Who would?


It still does not make it any less, “almost-did” and “did”. The fact that there are those who have wanted to end their own life because of this is still pretty awful.

I have been under the impression that truscum are in fact in that belief.

As for the mental ailment bit, I did not mean to make it seem that there is something wrong with mental ailments, but rather that having them is a problem, because of the chemicals in the brain or something not being in healthy whatevers (I’m really tired), and I’d think that you’d want to be well again.

I want to be cured from my mental ailments. I don’t want to be like this forever.

And I’d say that a mental ailment is a medical condition due to this. (chemicals in the brain. which are technically hormones. wording) 

Finally, I am quite glad that you have done this! With this, perhaps the amount of those who dirty truscum will be controlled, and truscum is no longer considered traitorous.

However, I still disagree with some of the views of truscum, and that will never change.

To clear things up, those who harass transgender people from within the transgender community must be stopped, and are the worst. Many of those harassers are often called truscum or referred to as truscum, but whether or not they are truscum is debatable.

Oh! and before I forget (or get accused of forgetting on purpose for one reason or another), it was not my intention to fear-monger, I simply wanted to point out how transgender youths are and can be affected negatively by those in the trans community, but executed it in a poor manner, and I do apologize for that. Next time, I will have more information, and know for sure who has died, and who hasn’t. (but tbh the example you used was not the best, but I really can’t judge, now can I?) 

No, truscum don’t believe that being trans means you have a mental illness. While mental illnesses can call under medical condition, it does not go the other way around. And as much as I would love to be rid of my mental illness, giving the idea that a person with a mental illness has a wrong brain and needs a cure for a normal one is a pretty harmful way of thinking, as I can personally say I try very hard to tell myself that my brain isn’t “wrong.”

I work hard to make sure that no harassment of any sort happens, but as I said, I’m just one person. We try to do what we can because, honestly, no one deserves to be sent things like anon hate and such, but in the end I am simply still just a person across some number of miles typing words at them. 

I’ll accept that it wasn’t your intention, but please do be more careful. There are enough generalized and wild rumors tossed out about truscum already and spreading that we’re somehow killing people doesn’t help anything, especially not for those of us that are trying to keep things somewhat peaceful. And it’s fine that we disagree on views, I’m just happy that you stayed civil and rather pleasant throughout this. It’s been a very decent conversation.

(And well aware, but I’m tired as it is late o’clock and they’re talking about Megalodons on the tv and that makes me think dinosaurs, I worked with what my brain could give me).

I oddly find it funny that any time I actually start posting truscum stuff and responding to things, suddenly my follower count shoots up a bit and I’m just kinda pleased for a moment like

yeah. yeah I did good.