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It feels better.

All things that come through here are tagged, Tumblr Savior is your friend

Look up circumgender. It's fucking laughable omg



What the fuck is wrong with this website? I swear it’s going to get so special snowflake to the point where all the normal people go completely mad.


Tokyo Ghoul episode 2 ending cards
Attention truscum and tucutes



I am not Quinn the AFAB trans guy truscum hinted at being white, I am Bihai, a Chinese trigender tucute. Now is the time to say “you’ve been punked”.

This entire blog? Fake. Everything. So now you guys will go on complaining about how you “knew from the start” and whatever, and yeah, I did purposefully let it deteriorate over time while I still posed under the identity of truscum.

I have screenshots of the follower list and have identified at least forty-five truscum, most of which are only truscum in secret, and a small handful are run by cis transphobes. I see you.

Eat shit.


eat shit truscum mwahahahahaha

"I outsmarted you all along, here everyone have some urls!"


My wallet is gone.

My IDs, bank cards, SS card, and a small chunk of cash. All gone.

This vacation has become utter shit.

misanthropicsaxophonist replied to your post: “I love how they try so hard to twist words around.”:

Who be doing what now? Do I need to get all angry at people?

Just tired from TDS stuff and such! No need to get angry at folks, it’s unfortunately just another day in the life of Sharps.

I love how they try so hard to twist words around.

College be like



Housing: $2,980
Meal plan: $1,457
Books: $1,429
Enrollment: $983
Air: $3,274
Grass: $4,284
Sidewalk: $5,284
The sun: $3,381

FASFA BE LIKE : $14.78

It seems to me like people are treating gender and sexuality like poorly designed RPGs treat character perks. As soon as you hit a new level, something even dumber and more ridiculous pops up, and you just watch the game try to one-up itself over and over and over again.

Working in TDS some days is tiring but it must be done because I am good fox