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Come on guys, keep pushing this!!
This is so important!

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What do you think of each individual mod on notactuallycute?

I don’t have much of an opinion on the individual mods except that I do like that they tend to be well-educated and have accepted criticism and correction when they were misinformed and that’s refreshing to see here on tumblr. I just know that I’ve been disappointed lately to see the label tucute getting slapped all over the place there considering the origins of that label are far from the best.

But despite this, they don’t deserve any harassment or anything and I know recently they’ve had to turn off anon due to messages they were receiving. I’m just personally unsure if I’ll be a follower of it for too much longer simply because I’m moving away from this ridiculous side of tumblr simply to help my own mental health a bit.

I’ve got my own folks and issues irl to worry about rather than trying to make sense of half the things getting tossed around on this website and then getting called trash and transphobic and told to die if I disagree or don’t understand.



whew ok i made a powerpoint thing for nounself pronouns…..

i’ve really been wanting to try and help others understand these pronouns? so i made this ah!! i hope it can help. if anyone has questions, feel free to send me a message and ask. 

Aw yes, very good compilation of fifth grade grammar. You missed all the second grade grammar, though, so let me explain you a thing. Pronouns are used to stand in the place of nouns. They are not customizable, they are have a set purpose in the English language: to represent a noun in a sentence. So, by shoving some random noun in there, you are defeating the purpose of pronouns.

Also, bunny has nothing to with gender. Your gender is not ‘bunny’, especially because bunnies have genders of their own! Wow!!!!

Also, you are invalidating the trans community by trying to worm your way in here when you probably don’t belong. Using ‘bun’ pronouns and identifying as a nan0boy (only a little bit boy, iirc) when you were designated female at birth does NOT make you trans. You have no clue what we struggle with everyday and most trans people view you the same way hijab wearers view FEMEN. So please, stop.

-The Trans One


I’m so annoyed at people who think that they need a mental illness to get attention on here and pretend to have one and lie about having different personalities and having voices in their heads do you know how many people kill themselves and how many have tried because they ARE…


>finds good blog with good messages and good information and generally actually knows their way around social justice in addition to their blog type
>has a good time following them for a while
>looks today to see that theyre “tucute” and are denouncing the need to have dysphoria to be trans

>sighs irritatingly and clicks unfollow button

you cannot be trans unless you have dysphoria. any other “gender discoveries” youre doing are likely you being a non-conforming cis person and there’s nothing wrong with that

Let me guess…notactuallycute?


i spy a transphobic asshole

  • Misogynists:Women are weak and can't fend for themselves so I'll be the alpha male
  • Feminists:Women are weak and can't fend for themselves so teach men not to rape
  • Racists:Different cultures should be kept to themselves
  • SJWs:Different cultures should be kept to themselves
  • Homophobes:Sexuality is a choice and gay people are just choosing to be gay, they're really straight
  • Political lesbians:Sexuality is a choice and I am choosing to be lesbian
  • Transphobes:Gender identity is a choice and trans people are just confused
  • SJWs:Gender identity is a choice and I can be merfictionkin and demiguy
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    (NOTE: Please remember that Flight Rising’s Terms of Use and Multiple Account Policy prohibit registering more than one account per person.)

    GPA is more of a measure of obedience than intelligence.
    —(via datmunozkid)


    Finding out where to go next can be the hardest thing to do. Do your research, be proud, be safe, and don’t let people drag you down.